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Where Digital Meets Physical

The Eternal Royals NFT collection includes 9,224 unique Kings and Queens bridging digital art with canvas prints. Holding a royal acts as your key to the realm, including access to limited edition art drops, IRL + virtual events, 1 of 1 prints of your NFT, and more! Check out the SOLD OUT collection featuring 224 handcrafted "OGs" and STAY ROYAL! 👑

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Perks & Benefits

Royal Treatment

Framed Canvas

1/1 Canvas

Option to purchase a 1/1 canvas of your NFT

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Bitcoin Heart

Rara Avis

The future of NFT rarity tools for creators and collectors

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Swords Clashing

Royal Realms

Compete as a team and unlock exclusive prizes

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Money Bag

Print Collaboration

Chance to earn from your Royal art

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Gold Bitcoin Chalice

Royal Canvas Art Drops

Access to purchase limited edition artwork created by the artist

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King and Queen Cards

Virtual Events

Regular virtual events to connect, collaborate, and win prizes

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Champagne Bottle

Live Events

Access to live events hosted by the Eternal Royals team

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Bitcoin Ship

Digital Derivative Rights

Complete ownership of commercial digital derivative rights to your NFT

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Anon Mask

Private Discord

Exclusive access to hidden Discord chats for verified Royal Holders

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Rainbow Skull

Presale List Potential

Improve your presale list chances on Royals Characters & other projects

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Collr Project Perks

Prioritized benefits on future Collr projects

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Rainbow Ethereum Diamond


Add to your collectibles with Eternal Royals merch

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Hang Out With Us In Person


Recent Event: Royal Gathering Miami

Want to learn about our next upcoming event where you can hang with us in person and win special merch available no other way? Join Our Discord!

An Interactive Community Space

Royal Realms

Royal Realms Banner
Royal Realms Banner
Royal Realms Banner
Royal Realms Banner

Here in Eternity, four realms represent the homes of the noble kings and queens.

Royal Realms is a utility feature of challenges over a determined period to earn points toward unique prizes including 1 of 1 canvas prints, NFTs, The Dope Art gift cards, and more. You may choose one of your royals to be assigned to a realm to compete in a set of challenges.

Have what it takes to be the realm that rules eternity? Select your royal, go to #royal-realms in our discord, and join the next challenge!

We Value our Kings and Queens

The Royal Community

Here's what our community has to say:

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder



Some things fall short of our expectations.. Thankfully the majority of things make us satisfied.. but very few far exceed anything you anticipated. I unboxed my first Royals today and am absolutely BLOWN AWAY!!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

From a digital wallet to print!


From NFTs sitting in a digital wallet to high quality canvas prints hanging on the wall.. courtsesy of The Dope Art and the eternal royals team! These turned out great!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Seriously incredible


My Royals made it to London!! Seriously incredible, thank you! I forsee more of your work on my walls!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Photos don't do them justice!


Photos really don't do them justice. But my Eternal Royals prints came today! The Dope Art is an amazing artist and I am so happy to have these for my house. The NFT space is so talented, happy to be a part of it.

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Beauty is fleeting


Beauty is fleeting! I couldn't help myself… such amazing art and people behind it all! With a great story as well!

Discord Comment

@Atlas talisman

Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Honoured to be eternally among you all


Join the royal family. Presenting my king and queen... I am their jester, their keeper, their bard announcing their arrival. Honoured to be eternally among you all. 👑 🌧️

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Over the moon!


Over the moon that my Eternal Royals canvas showed up today! First NFT I've hung on my wall, and I love it! Thanks The Dope Art for creating such brilliant plague dudes and Royals!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

This art is dope!


So glad I got to meet The Dope Art and see his art in personal at the Eternal Royals meetup in NYC. This art is dope and I can't wait to hang it in my house!

Discord Comment

@Mac the Flipper

Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Royals are my first NFT!


New to NFTs and new to ER, glad to have a Royal as my first NFT!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Blown away!


Blown away by these pieces from The Dope Art. Connecting NFTs to the physical with their royal canvases. Excited for the future!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

It's all in the details!


I'm deeply in love with the art from Eternal Royals. Just zoom in and look at the details!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

The detail of this art!


Canvases received and mounted, they look phenomenal. The digital NFTs do little justice to the detail of this art!

Discord Comment


Verified Eternal Royal Holder

Royal family


2 Eternal Royal Kings are now hanging on the family photo wall... I think this makes my family Royal now.

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Meet The Members of Eternal Royals

The Team

Jesse Johnson - Artist
The Artist
Guru - Developer
Drew - Project Growth
Project Growth
Kevin - Advisor & Discord Admin
Advisor & Discord Admin
Ben - Project Manager
Project Manager
Pauline - Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Dustin - Web Design
Web Design
JDM Labs - Smart Contract & Web3 Development
JDM Labs
Smart Contract & Web3 Development
Get to Know The Artist

The Artist

Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson is a digital artist from Portland, Oregon who has been creating on Photoshop for over 6 years. His background includes various roles in modeling, bartending, and real estate. In 2019, he decided to go full-time into art by starting The Dope Art, an online retail art business with a focus on surrealism. The Dope Art has been well recognized as a canvas print brand featuring Jesse's premium designs including the top-selling king and queen which inspired his first generative NFT collection, Eternal Royals. Now in the NFT space, Jesse plans to build The Dope Art into a brand that uniquely bridges both physical and digital art.

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