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Royal King NFT
Welcome all to Eternal Royals

The NFT collection of 9,224 unique Kings and Queens
including physical canvas prints
They became royal through centuries of personal refinement. They became wealthy by taking control of their time. They stand out above the rest as Kings & Queens.
Royal Queen NFT
Pocket Watch
Eternal Timeline
Project Details
  • Presale complete, public sale complete, all tokens sold
  • 9,224 unique NFTs, featuring 4,612 Kings & 4,612 Queens - all different
  • Whitelisted pre-sale for select group of loyal community members
  • Over 250 traits generated with various rarity
  • Collect more than two for extra bonuses and perks
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Plague Doctor's Mask
Here's What You Get When You Purchase an Eternal Royals NFT
  • Exclusive Future NFT Aidrops
  • Option to purchase 1/1 Canvas Print of your unique NFT, which once claimed, will never be printed again
  • Access to Private Club Access to a Discord Channel Reserved ONLY for Token Holders
  • The Dope Art Membership for Canvas Art, Prints & NFT Projects
Bitcoin Pirate Ship
Would you Like a Canvas Print with Your Custom NFT Art?

Whether you decide to purchase one NFT or 10+ of them, each and every single NFT will provide you the opportunity to purchase a custom 30x40 inch, ONE of ONE Canvas Print of any NFT in your collection.

Once purchased, you will be the only person in the world that will ever have this canvas. Once this exclusive canvas is printed and shipped to you, the NFT will carry metadata that will restrict anyone else from printing your literal, one of a kind canvas (even if you decide to sell your NFT).

Canvases will be available for purchase after launch.

*Before checking out, please refer to this list of countries we cannot ship to, due to embargoes / shipping regulations.

  • Nauru | NR
  • Russian Federation | RU
  • Saint Helena | SH
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon | PM
  • Sierra Leone | SL
  • Somalia | SO
  • Sudan | SD
  • Syrian Arab Republic | SY
  • Tajikistan | TJ
  • Turkmenistan | TM
  • Solomon Islands | SB
  • Afghanistan | AF
  • Central African Republic | CF
  • Comoros | KM
  • Cuba | CU
  • Falkland Islands | FK
  • Gambia | GM
  • Guinea | GN
  • Iran | IR
  • Iraq | IQ
  • Kiribati | KI
  • Libya | LY
  • Myanmar | MM
The Artist
Jesse Johnson of The Dope Art

Jesse Johnson is the artist behind this NFT Collection. Jesse has been an artist for 6 years, and over the last 2 years he's built The Dope Art brand - an online Retail Art Business with a focus on Surrealism. His Canvases and Merchandise have been purchased all over the world and now he is launching his premium NFT collection, the Eternal Royals.

Eternal Royal's Team
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Project Manager
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Smart Contract & Web3 Development
Web Design
Community Manager
Social Media Manager
Merch / Events Manager