1/1 Canvas

Each and every single Royal NFT will provide you the opportunity to purchase a custom 30x40 inch, one of one Canvas Print of any Royal in your collection.

Once purchased, you will be the only person in the world that will ever have this canvas. Once this exclusive canvas is printed and shipped to you, the NFT will carry metadata that will restrict anyone else from printing your literal one of a kind canvas (even if you decide to sell your NFT).

The 1/1 canvas will include a SmartSeal NFC chip. SmartSeal is a near field communication hardware component integrated into the Royal 1/1 canvases that allows for verification that the 1/1 print is genuine. It provides dynamic verification of authenticity, which is much more secure than static QR codes or simple static NFC chips. To use it you will simply hold your phone up to the artist signature in the bottom right corner of the canvas.