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Eternal Royals Thematic Rarity Rankings
Creator-guided, mathematically sound, thematic rarity rankings by Rara Avis

What makes it different than the other rarity tool platforms on the market?
They provide end-to-end metadata planning for generative NFT projects so that project creators can visualize the impact of their trait planning on thematic rankings throughout the conceptualization and pre-mint phase of their projects. For Eternal Royals Rara Avis worked closely with the team to apply thematic rankings to the existing tokens.

What are thematic rarity rankings?
Thematic rarity rankings were developed by Rara Avis to mathematically quantify the relative rarity of aesthetically matching traits that randomly appear in generative PFP projects.

Wen open source?
We plan on publishing our methodology over the coming months to standardize and decentralize the process of rarity ranking in the NFT space.