Frequently Asked Questions

9,224 unique (1 of 1) NFT Kings and Queens created by Jesse Johnson and minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Royals are faceless, raceless, ageless rulers of their domain, who understand the importance of hard work and community in building a kingdom together to make the world around them a better place to reign.

The 1/1 Signature canvases (30"x40") will soon be available for order. Due to the process of rolling out our integration with SmartSeal and our print partner we will be taking initial orders for Royals in the US, but ordering will be available to all eligible countries, excluding restricted countries in the very near future.

There will be a trait in the metadata called Signature Bonus (name not finalized), that will specify the bonus trait received from printing the 1/1 canvas. If the canvas has not been printed this trait value will be "Unclaimed". Additionally the trait will be an added visible trait to the Royal image itself. If you're specifically looking to buy an unclaimed royal, we recommend double checking on our website with our Signature Canvas Checker to verify that it has not been claimed, as OpenSea can sometimes take a long time to update token metadata and images that change (which we don't have control over).

There are 300+ traits generated with various rarity.

The OG royals are 224 custom Kings and Queens created by Jesse Johnson (artist) that were not computer generated and can be found in the 'Eternal Bonus' filter on Opensea. Holding an OG Royal will unlock access to unique future perks and benefits.

Within the 224 OGs, there are 66 total pairings (66 Kings + 66 Queens) that are an exact match for those that want a perfect "coupled" set to hold digitally or physically with the 1/1 capabilities discussed below.

Our collection has sold out. The only way to buy or sell a Royal now is off of the secondary market on Opensea.

If you don't know how to do that, we will be offering onboarding sessions periodically to walk you through the entire process or you can join our discord where the community can help you.

Benefits are known as the Royal Treatment. There are currently 12 benefits to owning a Royal including 1/1 Canvas Art, access to the Royal Realms, and more.

A full list of benefits can be found here.

All benefits are granted exclusively to their current holders. Selling your Royal removes all remaining benefits associated with Eternal Royals. If the 1/1 canvas has been printed, it cannot be printed again on resale to a new holder but remains in your possession whether you own the NFT anymore or not.

SmartSeal is a near field communication hardware component integrated into the Royal 1/1 canvases that allows for verification that the 1/1 print is genuine. It provides dynamic verification of authenticity, which is much more secure than static QR codes or simple static NFC chips. We are proud to have SmartSeal as our partner and grateful to them for the amazing work they're doing to help bridge the gap between digital NFTs and physical products in a verifiably authentic and secure way.

Ordering will be available to all eligible countries, excluding restricted countries in the very near future. If you're unsure if we can get to you, please reach out to us on Discord and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

To discuss partnerships and/or collaborations, please contact us on Discord.

The Royals smart contract can be found here 0xaD0969B48D379Bf21f5BF71a13419675789C517A.